Our Top Selling Product – Errigal Quartz

Let us introduce our top selling product over the past few months, Errigal Quartz . This is a popular, hard wearing 20mm decorative gravel which will compliment any home.

Its warm and earthly tones will add warmth and depth to your outdoor area and is the ideal choice for driveways, pathways and garden borders.

We always have Errigal Quartz in stock and offer it for sale in 25kg or 1 ton bags. Delivery is available at competitive rates to a wide array of postcode areas. Or simply pop into either our Ballymoney or Ballyclare depot and collect in person. You can check out our depot opening times here.

*we recommend you use membrane before laying the decorative gravel.

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Delivery: We provide a fast delivery to many local locations

How to maintain your gravel area

Having a decorative gravel driveway, pathway or garden border is effectively low maintenance. However, over the years you will have to maintain it to keep it neat and tidy and free from weeds.

To get the best possible low maintenance outdoor gravel area we advise that the first thing you do is lay down a membrane. The membrane is perfect for weed control.

We stock and supply a range of sizes of weed block membrane . Rolls available:-

  • 1 metre x 100 metres
  • 1.5 metre x 100 metres
  • 2 metre x 100 metres

If you need to work out how much Errigal Quartz you need to order to cover your outdoor space you can use our calculator to help.

If you require any assistance we are available on the phone Monday-Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm.

weed control membrane & errigal quartz images

To get the best from your Errigal Quartz gravel area we recommend the use of membrane.