Rockin Colour Gravel

It’s difficult to keep colour in your garden throughout the entire year as the seasons we experience are a challenge, due to the climate.

You can add some serious colour to your landscape area with the Rockin Colour Gravel range which is now available to purchase online at Kelly Landscape & Stone.

This fantastic range of vibrant coloured coated decorative stones will keep your garden area colourful the whole year through.

We offer a choice of 5 Rockin Coloured Gravels, each can be collected from one of our depots in Ballymoney or Ballyclare or delivered to your home. Check to see if deliver in your postcode location.

Rockin Colour Gravel Range
Please note: these are coloured garden stones and not suited for aquariums or similar.

The Rockin Colour Range Is Ideal For:

– Alpine Gardens
– Rock Gardens
– Garden Borders
– Flowerbeds
– Plant Pot Topping
– Pathways
– Grave Decoration

Please note if you are using the stones for a pathway there will be more wear and tear in this area and the colour will fade over time.

We recommend that you top up the coloured gravel each year as weather conditions such as the sun etc will fade the stones. Simply top up the area as you would in a similar way as you would with garden bark.

If you like what you see and you fancy injecting a splash of colour into your outdoor space you can order online by clicking any of the colour range above. If you prefer you can order by phone or call into one of our depots. You can check out our depot opening times here.

Feel free to use our calculator to work out how much Rockin Coloured Gravel you require.

Inject Colour Into Your Garden Space

Available to order online in handy 20kg bags