Bulk Bags of Bark


  • 900 KG Bag
  • Mini Chip Bark


For the traditional aspect we supply top quality screened garden bark. Mini chip bark can be used as a weed suppressant and is also suitable for children’s play area to provide a soft, safe landing surface.

Bark is a great tool for the gardener. It reduces weeding time, conserves water and provides thermal insulation for plant roots. Bark can provide a clean, contrasting background for all your plants. It will also help reduce the risk of fungal diseases , minimising rain splash at the soil surface that can spread fungal spores to plant leaves. The rich brown chips of our spruce bark will quickly cover the soil surface and create a decorative finish to flower beds and borders.


A long lasting, versatile, high performance mulch that is naturally brown in colour and consists of chips of between 50 to 100mm. It should be applied to a weed free area at a depth of 75-100mm and should last up to three years before re-topping.