Mini Chip Bark

Mini Chip Bark is a fine, ornate, quality decorative surface mulch that helps suppress weed growth and allows plants to thrive. Over time it will improve the soils organic content as it blends in.

It is the perfect choice for a highly decorative, low-maintenance finish for small garden borders or planting containers.

The mini brown chips not only create a clean background for displaying your plants and shrubs but they will also reduce the need for frequent weeding.

Spreading the mini chip bark over the surface of topsoil will help enhance the health and look of your garden landscape.

We offer a competitively priced delivery service to a wide array of postcode locations throughout Northern Ireland. Check to see if we deliver in your area.

We also offer a collection service from either depot in Ballymoney or Ballyclare.

Mini Chip Bark is available in jumbo sacks....

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Delivery: We provide a fast delivery to many local locations

Benefits of using Mini Chip Bark …

  • Suppresses weed development
  • Prevents water loss and improves plant vigour
  • Decays over time to provide a source of slow release nutrients to the soil & plants/shrubs
  • Helps insulate plant roots from frost
  • Decorative Purposes

Available online in 900kg jumbo sacks priced at £40 (exc VAT).

If you are unsure of the quantity of mini chip bark you need to order, you can use our handy calculator .

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