Lafarge Cement Supplier

Do you need cement for a general purpose?

We stock Lafarge cement which is a great general purpose cement. It is sold in ready to use 25kg bags and available to purchase online.

It is perfect for use in concrete, mortars, renders, screeds and grouts. You can take a look at all our cement products online today.

We supply Lafarge cement to the general public online or in store in one of our depots in Ballymoney or Ballyclare.

For a fast delivery service order online today. Our delivery rates are competitively priced and we deliver to a wide array of postcode areas. Check to see if we deliver in your area here.

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Lafarge Cement …

Good for all general purposes
General Purpose cement is ideal for all above-ground site applications, including; mortars and renders, screeds and DIY applications

Sustainable cement technology
Lower embodied CO2 than CEM I Portland cement. General Purpose cement is based on sustainable cement technology containing limestone additions for improved workability and less bleed

Excellent Product Quality
32,5R Portland limestone cement is available in 25kg paper packaging.

Priced per 25kg Bag: £3.50

Lafarge general purpose cement