Golden Flint Gravel

Golden flint is one of our most popular gravels. Its a shingle type gravel and resists crushing and is very hardwearing.

The blend of rich gold, tan and cream coloured angular chippings are a lovely mix of colours that will brighten up any landscape.

This extremely hardwearing 20mm gravel is ideal for pathways and driveways but can also be used in rockeries and as a decorative ground colour.

We supply Golden Flint gravel in 20mm which provides a smoother, flatter surface.

You can order online today with the option of collection in store or we can deliver to your home. Check to see if you deliver in your area.

Golden Flint is by far our most popular gravel ......

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20mm Golden Flint ….

Applications: Landscaping designs, driveways, footpaths, decorative garden projects, water features, aquatics & ponds

Sizing: 20mm

Colour: A mixture of brown, yellow, gold and cream

Shape: Angular gravel

Material: Flint Shingle

Quantity: 25kg – 1 Ton Sacks

Price: £3.33 – £88.00

golden flint gravel image