Garden Makeover

Bark is known as one of the best tools on the market for all the garden lovers out there and simply perfect for a Garden Makeover!

If your garden area is looking tired and in need of a makeover, the cheapest and most effective way to overhaul it, is to add bark.

We offer a choice of 2 barks, mini chip bark and compost bark. Both garden barks on offer are top quality and available in 1 ton bags.

Not only will your garden be given a facelift with the rich brown chips, but it also has the added bonus of reducing the number of hours you spend on weeding.

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Garden Bark other uses ….

Garden bark is normally associated with flowerbeds, shrub areas, flower pots etc but it can also be used in childrens’ play areas.

The mini chip bark that we offer is safe and durable and the perfect soft landing area for your kids play area.

Let your kids play safely on the swings, slides and climbing frames knowing that the area is soft should they fall.

If you are unsure how much garden bark you require, feel free to use our handy calculator.

Should you require any further assistance we are available on the phone Monday-Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm.

provide a soft landing kids play area

To get the best from your garden bark area we recommend the use of membrane.