Bark Chippings Northern Ireland

Decorative Bark Chippings are a great way to create a low maintenance area around your garden. Adding weed membrane will help prevent weeds and reduce time spent weeding, enabling you to enjoy more of the outdoors when the weather is good!

All our top soil is ethically sourced and screened through a 50mm riddle. Many soil suppliers screen soil down to 10-20mm, but over forty years experience in the landscape industry has taught us that this finely screened soil has been stripped of nearly all its larger particles which leads to erosion and turns the soil into a very messy material when wet.

Decorative Gravel

Winter weather conditions can leave a driveway needing a good refresh. Our decorative gravel comes delivered in ton bags and we can usually position them where you need them, making your job a little handier.

Our gravels and aggregates are also ideal for pathways or around flowerbeds to create beautiful hardwearing landscaping areas.

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Making Concrete

Our Concrete Mix comes in 25KG bags and 1 ton bags. Cement comes in 25Kg bags.

Alternatively you can use 20mm screenings and builders sand to create your own mix. Here is a guide to strengths.

Horticultural Grit

If your lawn becomes water logged at certain times throughout the year, you can stop this by adding horticultural grit to the area.

Adding 6mm horticultural grit to your grassed area will improve the drainage and structure and enable the small air pockets that your lawn needs to thrive.

It is also perfect for adding to your potted plants, not only for drainage but for decorative purposes also.

6mm Horticultural Grit is available online today in jumbo sacks or 25kg bags.