Coloured Garden Stones

Keeping colour in the garden is easier in summer months, the other 3 seasons are a challenge due to the UK and Irish climates. Kelly Landscape & Stone now offer the exciting rockin colour range of Coloured Garden Stones to make this challenge a thing of the past!

The following are available to buy online for delivery (delivery locations by postcode) or collection from one of our stores if ordering smaller quantities.

These 3 coloured stone products where used in the above garden photo

Range of Coloured Decorative Garden Stones

Please note: these are coloured garden stones and not suited for aquariums or similar.

Decorative Stones for Garden Ideas & more

Some ideas of usage; driveway edges, garden edging (front or rear), plant pot topping, flower bed, pathways.

If using on pathways there will be more wear and tear, please be aware that colour fade will take place more in these areas. In general with weather conditions, sun etc the stones will fade and we would recommend topping up each year in a similar way to how you would with garden bark chippings.

If you like what you see you can order online by clicking any of the above products, by phone or in person calling into one of our depots. You can check out the depot open times here.

You can use our calculator to work out how much coloured garden stones you need for your area. Alternatively give us a call at our head office in Ballymoney where we can assist further 02829 540621 (Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm).

rockin colour images

With the slideshow photos you can see using coloured stones and solar lighting can continue to make the most out of the colour when it turns dark.

Depending where you add your coloured stones you might need to use weed block membrane.