Choosing The Right Gravel

If you are thinking about redesigning your garden area then opting for gravel is a great choice for many reasons. It is cost effective and can cover large outdoor areas with the added bonus of being easy to lay. This all helps cut costs when upgrading your outdoor space. Combined with weed membrane it creates a fantastic low maintenance space.

Coloured Aggregates are also perfect and cost effective to enhance driveways.

Gravel is the perfect finishing touch for garden edges, borders and pathways or pathway edges. Its a low maintenance garden option for those who what a nice aesthetic look without too much up keep.

Where Can Gravel Be Placed?

Our range of gravel is extremely versatile with options to suit the traditional and modern homes. It is simply perfect for creating driveways, pathways, garden borders or for decorative purposes within flowerbeds and rockery areas.

What Colour of Gravel Should I Opt For?

We offer a wide array of gravel choices to suit all outdoor spaces with a wide selection of colours to blend in with your garden surroundings. When choosing which colour of gravel you would like its best to opt for one that compliments your garden area. Light beige, rustic tones suit most outdoor areas. Or why not opt for warm tones offered from our pink pebbles or choose a contemporary look with blue slate.

What Size Of Gravel Should I Choose?

It all depends on what the purpose of the gravel is for. For example if you are wishing to create a driveway or pathway then you should select a medium sized gravel, anything from 14mm to 20mm.

If you are looking to fill in spaces in your rockery or flowerbed area then cobbles or pebbles are the best option. If you are unsure on which size to order then you can have a chat with one of our team who will happily assist and offer advice.

What Base Should I Lay Gravel On?

You will need a good solid foundation which is level if you are wishing to create a driveway, pathway or seating area. If you are wishing to place the gravel in a flowerbed, garden border or rockery it is best rake the soil and place a membrane to help with weed control.

How Is Gravel Sold?

We sell all our gravel in 25kgs bag or 1 Ton Sacks. All gravel can be delivered to your home or business at an affordable rate or you can call in to one of our depots in Ballymoney or Ballyclare and collect.

Gravel options.....

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