Grit for Garden Drainage

Does your lawn become water logged in areas at certain times of the year? If the answer is yes, then horticultural grit is the answer.

You can dress your lawn with 6mm horticultural grit and it will improve structure and drainage. It will also provide small pockets to hold essential air and water.

We stock and supply grit in 25kg bags or jumbo sacks which are available for collection from our depots in Ballymoney or Ballyclare. We also offer a competitively priced delivery service to a number of postcode locations. Check to see if we deliver in your area .

horticultural grit is perfect for garden drainage

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Delivery: We provide a fast delivery to many local locations

Perfect for potting & decorative purposes …

Horticultural grit is simply perfect for drainage purposes but it also has the added bonus that it is a great for adding to your pots.

Placing the grit in your pots provides extra drainage in the compost for plants such as cacti and other shrubs that require well drained roots.

Other purposes of horticultural grit are for decoration. This fine grit can be sprinkled over flower beds and garden border, it will also aid watering.

Should you wish to revamp your outdoor space and inject a splash of colour, check out our range of coloured garden stones.

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horticultural grit images

With the slideshow images you can see the alternative options for use of our 6mm horticultural grit.